Iran wants F1???

Not sure this is even possible considering Iran’s hard political stance on almost anything, but it would be interesting to see them attempt to make it happen. I’m sure there are a ton of Iranian F1 fans out there salivating at the prospect!

According to Mehr News, Iran has decided to build a Formula One track in Parand City, which lies 35km south of Tehran. There’s even a quote from the director of Apex Circuit Design (same company that consulted on the Dubai Autodrome) saying that “planning and construction would follow all Formula One standards”.

Hit or miss?

[Source: Mehr News]
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15 Comments on “Iran wants F1???”

  1. Is it April 1st already?

  2. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Maybe it’s to pep up tourism.

  3. Hamoud Says:

    MISS !!!

  4. il pazzo Says:

    well this is interesting, it could happen u never know, F1 follows money, and don’t tell me u guys didn’t have the same doubt when India said the same

  5. Marzouq Says:

    They have the money to build it! But the question is would be people risk going to Iran!

  6. el wehbi Says:

    @il pazzo: anything can happen, especially with Bernie Ecclestone at the wheel lol; however, @Marzouq is absolutely right. Just because they build it doesn’t mean they will come. Let’s take Bahrain for example, when Bernie tried to make the race happen for the end of the season, the teams were furious citing the fact that it is unsafe for them to travel there.

    This is definitely an interesting matter, regardless of the outcome. Can’t wait to see if and how they pursue it!

  7. Hass Says:

    “Hard political stance”?? They have legalized (and the government pays for) sex change operations, and they have needle exchange programs for addicts, and their healthcare model for the rural poor is used in parts of the US, and they have the Mideasts’ only condom manufacturing plant. Why not an F-1 racetrack? Some western governments may have problems with Iran’s government, but the world changes. OH and BTW they’re a major automaker.

  8. el wehbi Says:

    @Hass: I’m sure there are positives and negatives, just like in any other country around the world. If you read my post, you would realize I took an absolute neutral stance regarding the build of a race track; because that is how I honestly feel about it.

    Like I mentioned in the comment I posted before yours (above), regardless of the outcome, I can’t wait to see how and if Iran will actually pursue Formula 1. Just because they are building the circuit with the standards for a F1 race, does not mean they necessarily plan on hosting it.

    Could they do a great job? I think so. Iran is filled with super-creative / talented people who are patriotic and love their country. That passion alone would fuel a grand prix. The question is: how would you ensure open tourism for foreigners? Let’s not kid ourselves… at the end of the day, F1 has millions of European supporters. At this point in time, do you think they would feel comfortable visiting Iran?

    Europeans aren’t necessarily comfortable visiting Bahrain right now, as proven by the F1 teams forming an alliance against going there.

    Still, whatever happens… I wish them luck and if they do pursue it, they have my support. Racing is a passion, and like sports (most of the time), politics should stay out of it.

    @Keith Collantine: Humbled to have you Keith as I am a big fan of F1 Fanatic!

    I’m guessing they might have retracted something because I got my info from an Iranian news source (link is at the end of the article). But with your expertise in covering F1, I’m sure you’re more in the know.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hass Says:

    Actually it isn’t an F-1 course after all but is 1 step below F-1. But lots of tourists travel to Iran – including Americans. Yes it is perfectly legal for Americans to go to Iran. And the days when Americans and Europeans define the world is coming to a close.

    The iLand Race Resort is being built in Parand outside Tehran and will include an FIA Grade 2-licensed circuit, making it suitable for lower categories of racing up to GP2.

  10. el wehbi Says:

    Like I said, “racing is a passion, and like sports (most of the time), politics should stay out of it”. I believe we all define the world. Period. This is not a political blog, nor do I have political views on anything when it comes to my passion for cars. I would appreciate that this standard is maintained throughout in the content, as well as the comments.

  11. X Says:

    Iran trying to build an F1 Track and in Kuwait we dont even have a drag strep .. allah kreem >

  12. Pajouhesh Says:

    It’s really funny to say “would be people risk going to Iran!” why not? I’m from Iran and there are lots of tourist here like Egypt, France,… everywhere in peace, mostly from west Europe and US. Look what will do with a little “daily doze of news propaganda”!

  13. il pazzo Says:

    it turns out it’s a grade 2 circuit hence it’s not suitable for F1, as for the risks ===>>> build it and they will come ;p

  14. el wehbi Says:

    @X: I feel your frustration!

    @Pajouhesh: I agree with you. Many tourists visit Iran, and that a “dose” of propaganda never helps. As mentioned in a comment above, I’m excited to see how motorsport develops in Iran, even if it’s not F1.

    @il pazzo: Earlier reports out of Iran (the source which I cited) said it would be suitable for F1; however, later it was highlighted as a grade 2 circuit. The more circuits we have in the region, the better! Build it!

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