Last Ford Crown Victoria heading to…

The Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis have finally been laid to rest, leaving many people throughout the GCC in panic mode. I mean, what would some do without a Crown Victoria in their garage? Some families have even owned every generation of the car from when it was first produced back in 1979! The last hoorah version of the car to leave the production line was a white model with a special interior package, destined for the shores of Saudi Arabia.

[Source: Gulf News]

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5 Comments on “Last Ford Crown Victoria heading to…”

  1. Kuwaity Says:

    Well, Ford want to stop it for some reasons. For sure they planning (and already have) more ecofriendly cars. Maybe they need customers to stick with the dealer for maintenance and repairs cos these cars are well known to mechanics thus customers may never visit the dealer after the car delivery, but for the new cars they will for at least one year, maximizing Ford profit in these hard days. Of course other reasons are there.

  2. Sinful eye's Says:

    loool ,, just like if you knew ,,we had the Crown victoria as an extra car in the house for the last 7 years or so ,,,so my dad said he want to renew the car model ,, we took it ,, went to the dealer ,, asked for 2012 Mercury Grand Marquis … they said it stopped by 2011 ,, and now they only have the crown victoria 2012 ! … the dealer said that ford is planing to get the crown vic. and the grand mal 8eez customers to head to the V6 Taurus ,, they have the basic starting at 7k kd and up to the 12,500 kd full option ( and it’s amazingly loaded with options ) … liked the taurus actually and we getting our taurus tomorrow ,,,, and yeah ,, one more thing ,, amazingly the 2003 crown vic. ,, with 170k milage on it is sold for 2700 kd ! ,, it’s exactly half it’s price ,, i was surprised that it held it’s price !

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Kuwaity: Just to add to what you said, other than eco-friendly reasons, it’s important to mention that Ford are taking their brand in a more technologically-integrated direction (e.g. alliance with Microsoft; Ford Sync), leaving no room for the aging Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis.

    @Sinful eye’s: I’m also amazed by the re-sale value of these cars. Their simplicity and reliability are the key reasons for this. Can you imagine how strong the re-sale value will be once people truly realize that production has stopped? Might be a good investment strategy lol

  4. SpdLmtNA Says:

    Funny how people here in the States haaaate this car, but they’re the perfect Chauffeur cars in the khaleej. If they only had filtered air condintioning systems. (Fail.)

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