Dubai ad firm re-sparks the Audi vs BMW rivalry

BMW and Audi have never kept their rivalry a secret. If anything, the friendly competition has probably done both their brands some good.

Taking it to the next level, a Dubai-based advertising agency called Tonic International has taken a direct stab at BMW’s “Joy” campaign with an ad using Audi’s R8 GT as the true definition of Joy while brilliantly placing the Audi four-rings icon in the spelling.

Simple and straight to the point, don’t you think?

Click here and here to see some of BMW’s past attempts.

[Source: Ads of the World]

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3 Comments on “Dubai ad firm re-sparks the Audi vs BMW rivalry”

  1. SpdLmtNA Says:

    Is BMW’s current campaign using “Joy”? If yes, then, okay, I get it.

  2. hobag Says:

    I had the privelege of driving by the dueling billboards on Santa Monica Blvd a few years back during my drives home from work, it was great! I hope the rivalry keeps going and pushes these two companies to make their cars faster, nicer, and better looking!

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @SpdLmtNA: I’m not sure if BMW are still using “Joy”, they could be in this part of the world. But yeah, it’s a pretty interesting ad regardless.

    @hobag: I hope so too!

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