Re-defining an Icon: the Bronco

I’m a sucker for modern-day recreations of past iconic cars. Take the Singer 911, for example. The endless amount of exquisitely detailed finishing and retro touches made us all gaga when it came to the Singer. Let’s jump to another company, one that isn’t a stranger to redefining classics: Icon. Having previously re-worked Toyota’s legendary CJ and FJ models, Icon has now turned its attention to the Ford Bronco.

Designed by Icon, with the help from Ford and a team from Nike (didn’t see that one coming), this Bronco will not come cheap as you’ll need around $200,000 dollars at your discretion. For some, price is no matter when it comes to art and this is exactly what the Icon Bronco is: a work of art.

The Icon Bronco uses a Ford 412hp 5.0L V8 engine (same as the Mustang GT) mated to an Aisin Warner 5-speed manual gearbox. Ensuring it has the “go anywhere” factor, the Bronco also sports an Atlas II 4-wheel drive transfer case, Stoptech brakes, Eibach coils, and Fox Racing shocks.

Giving it that modern and high quality look are elements such as LED lighting throughout the exterior and interior, stainless steel trim, and the matte-look exterior paint. Some really cool points to consider when trying to justify the amount of detailed work gone into this project are:

  • No plastic or off-the-shelf parts were used
  • The aluminum paneling used on the dash and doors is the same found on the interior of luxury elevator doors.
  • The sun visors are the same as those used in a Learjet.
  • Each of the knobs and bezels is constructed from machined stainless steel.

And that’s definitely not all! The car is filled with many other fantastic details which truly make this automotive canvas an art piece to admire. Just wish I could afford one…

[Images Source: Autoblog]

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3 Comments on “Re-defining an Icon: the Bronco”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    It looks similar to the Mercedes G series. I like this one more though. I dunno why it reminded me of one of those scenes from Lara Croft when you reach the Russian freeze zone and you get squeezed into a car that looks exactly like this.

  2. Mathai Says:

    Broncos were popular in 80s TV shows for crashes and jumping into buildings but this one looks too good to crash 😀

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Miss Good Egg: Hmm… similar to the Mercedes G-Wagon, not so sure; the Lara Croft comparison, on the other hand, works more for me lol

    @Mathai: If you were to crash this Bronco, I think the guys at Icon would hunt you down!

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