Shelby’s return-on-investment at this year’s Dubai Motor Show?

Nowadays, most companies need to assess whether it’s worth showing their cars at motor shows. When the world economy first tanked, automakers pulled the plug on many events such as the Tokyo Motor Show, Detroit and other cities; Frankfurt and Geneva still remained strong. Forward a few years later and there isn’t as much apprehension, however, automakers still must make a case in order to fly their cars, staff, etc., across seas.

This year’s Dubai International Motor Show saw its record year in attendance. But what does that mean for car manufacturers? Ask Shelby Supercars (SSC) and you’re sure to get a biased answer. SSC got 10 signatures during the five-day show for its Tuatara, which costs a cool $1.3 million dollars… that’s a total of $13 million dollars!

If you consider the fact that Shelby Supercars participated at the show purely to raise brand recognition, then you have to sit and wonder “how’s that for a return-on-investment”?!?!

[Source: Gulf News]

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One Comment on “Shelby’s return-on-investment at this year’s Dubai Motor Show?”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    So many sold in one shot! Mashalla only in Dubai!

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