Bridgestone’s puncture-proof idea

Imagine a tire needing little maintenance… no need to refill air or check for leaks. Bridgestone, the Japanese tire company, has conceptualized a new design that’s “puncture-proof”. It’s non-pneumatic, meaning it does not rely on air pressure at all. Instead, it relys on a structure of spokes for its rigidity and cushioning.

The structure within the tire is made from reusable thermoplastic resin. Along with the rubber used in the tread, the whole tire is practically 100 percent recyclable making it an environmentally-friendly solution. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such an idea; however, Bridgestone is currently working on this technology with the aim of bringing it (or at least most of it) to production.

[Source: All Car Tech]

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3 Comments on “Bridgestone’s puncture-proof idea”

  1. wonder how heavy this tyre will be………

  2. Marzouq Says:

    I would love this idea, just as long as I don’t loose any traction that would be fantastic!

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