Changing tires on your exotic supercar? Don’t do what someone did in Dubai!

This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. This Gemballa Mirage GT – a tuned, twin-turbocharged Porsche Carrera GT – is worth a hefty sack of change, especially considering it’s one of nineteen examples out there. So what makes it okay to change its tires in this manner?!?!

[Source: Supercars Dubai via GT Spirit]

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20 Comments on “Changing tires on your exotic supercar? Don’t do what someone did in Dubai!”

  1. Mathai Says:

    Some people just don’t deserve to own exotics 😦
    Have you seen the neglected Enzo in a Police parking lot in Dubai?

  2. Hey guys, just saw this car in person few days ago at Al Ain Class in Dubai.. I know this doesn’t justify it, but obviously, the dealer owning this car is trying yo minimize all expenses on the car, so he doesn’t lose more money, cos you know paying for tire change will not factor in the price when selling

  3. Randy Says:

    Some things in this world just can not be expained. There is no cure for “stupid”

  4. qabaq Says:

    what an ugly scene, poor GT

  5. Reblogged this on The Porsche Independent Repair and commented:
    Just remember this car, it will be on eBay someday.

  6. el wehbi Says:

    @Mathai: Yes I have seen that car; that was disgusting! How can such an rare exotic be neglected like that? There was also the Jaguar XJ220 supercar that was found in Qatar covered in dust (a few years back). If they don’t want them, I’ll be more than happy to take them off their hands!

    @Kuwaiti Boys Toys: I eventually heard the same, that the car was a “sitter” at Al Ain Class in the UAE. In regards to value, can’t see it retaining much of that considering it’s been sitting there waiting to be sold for quite some time now.

    @Randy: You said it my man!

    @Qabaq: Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s quite mind boggling

    @abauerporsche: I’d like to see the “Buy It Now” price once it goes on eBay

  7. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with the way they’re changing the tires? Cuz it’s done outside?

    • el wehbi Says:

      lol Cars as expensive and rare as this one are usually completely lifted off the ground before the tires are even touched. They’re not supposed to have their tires swapped like a Chevy Caprice :p

  8. Sparkous Says:

    Just goes to show you that unfortunately for some reason or another “most” of the “tricked out” exotics in Dubai are dowgs ! I have seen first hand a Porsche 997 turbo Avalanche by Gamballa from Dubai and doors rattled, where as that is never the case with a Gamballa in europe. Makes me wonder sometimes whether the body modifications are genuine, let alone the mechanical mods ?

    • el wehbi Says:

      Who knows what’s genuine and what isn’t out there. Especially with these tuned exotics that seem to be treated like dirt.

  9. Kuwaity Says:


    I like that! The person who can afford this car normally don’t care about such things, he can buy another one if he see some dust on its carpet!

    But to be honest there is nothing wrong with the picture, unless he put the jack head on the wrong place…

    • el wehbi Says:

      Let me put it this way Kuwaity: if you end up getting your hands on a Carrera GT and changing the tires this way, I’m gonna be very mad LOOOOL 🙂

  10. Abdulla Says:

    technically speaking if the Jack was correctly placed and the tire was properly changed then there shouldn’t be a problem, Porsche or proton, Chassis’ remains a chassis. The more expensive means of lifting the whole car is only for plain convenience and make it easier for the mechanic. If there’s anything to be worried about it should be the tire itself. “Don’t nag about the bed … worry about the Surgery!” .

    • el wehbi Says:

      “Don’t nag about the bed … worry about the surgery!” LOL

      I guess in my eyes, the fact that this car’s value and rarity-factor are up there, it needs to be treated with a bit more care. I can guarantee that the guy who changed the wheels wasn’t wearing protective gloves as to protect the body and paint from his hands / grease marks. Also, at these places, the way they usually remove the tires is definitely not in the “handle-with-care” approach.

      Changing a tire is changing a tire… but on a car that is worth hundreds of thousands, I guess I would would expect them to be a bit more OCD 😉

  11. el_pintor Says:

    I’m actually impressed that they have the motorsports-style central wheel locks adapters for the CGT hubs, and not try to get the wheels off with a plumbing wrench!

    • el wehbi Says:

      Are these aftermarket rims center-lock, such as the original Carrera GTs? If they are, you raise a good point there lol

  12. El Jockey Says:

    I remember changing a tire on a Mitsubishi GTS back in the day with a buddy of mine. Tire almost flew off the next day :0 So yeah with changing tires u need to handle with care

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