BMW M Meets X Event

A friend contacted me earlier this week and asked if I’d like to attend BMW’s ‘M Meets X’ event, held at the ProKart track. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Organized by Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive, the objective behind the event was to promote the experience behind the wheel of different M vehicles.

We had the chance to drive three different M cars: the X5M, the X6M and the M3. Prior to jumping in the cars, there were two M instructors from Germany on hand to brief and coach us on what we were about to do.

We kicked off the morning with short-distance drag racing. Basically, when the green flags were waived, we were instructed to nail the throttle, enjoy the rush, and slam on the brakes once we reached the strategically-placed orange cones. It was a great way to sample the different M cars and their characters.

We were then split into two groups for the track-driving part of the event. We were part of the “fast” group, simply because we had prior track experience under our belts.

Off we went, following our instructor (he was riding in a 3-Series coupe) as he drove the proper lines while he instructed us via a walkie-talkie placed in our vehicle. We were two drivers per car, we would get two laps each, and we would then switch to the next type of car.

I was quite impressed with the sportiness and versatility of the X M cars. At full throttle, they produced such a wild sound while handling everything we threw at them gracefully through the corners.

The ‘M meets X’ event was truly enjoyable, giving myself and others the opportunity to experience first-hand the sporting nature of the M brand. Sign me up for next year’s event please!

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7 Comments on “BMW M Meets X Event”

  1. The Stig Says:

    This is nice!
    I attended the event last year, and it was fun, although the X5M and X6M are not nimble in an autocross course, but damn fast in a straight line.

    But the M3 was a great car.. the best drifting machine

    • el wehbi Says:

      For the space allocated to us, both X M models were actually quite quick… but you’re right, the M3 was the most fun to thrash around on the course. It’s so tail-happy at the perfect time, every time!

  2. Zaid Says:

    Very nice, thanks for the coverage! No M5? I was told the new M5 would’ve been there.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Thank you Zaid! Big fan of your stuff!

      We thought there would be the new M5 as well; however, they said that it would be there in next year’s event. We were sad, but as soon as we got in the cars, we were more than happy again 🙂

  3. Kuwaity Says:

    I don’t own a BMW, not even M series. Can I attend the next event?

    • el wehbi Says:

      Well, I would assume if you were a prospective buyer you’d have a better shot :p Get in contact with Ali Alghanim & Sons… you never know!

  4. BMWs are one of my favorite vehicles. There is no automobile that truly performs and handles like them. The M series is the sportiest car in the world. Thanks for the great posting.

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