GulfRun 7: Load ’em up!

As GulfRun 7 kicks off this weekend in Bahrain (January 26th – 27th), there was only one thing left to do: load up the cars and have them sent to the Bahrain International Circuit!

By no means is it easy to organize such an event. For one thing, there is all the pre-planning, securing of the participants, getting all the paperwork ready for transporting the vehicles to Bahrain via Saudi Arabia, let alone dealing with a lot of ‘antsy’ drivers and a lot of horsepower.

Prior to loading up the cars, the drivers were instructed to meet up at Tilal Complex where they were briefed on the driving route to the Agility headquarters. While waiting for all the drivers to arrive, I decided to walk around the parking lot and snap a few shots of some of the rides.

There’s definitely something exciting about being in the presence of ‘stickered’ sports cars.

Once we made it to Agility, the cars had to wait their turn to be loaded onto the trucks. Each group was split up into a color category, making sure there would be no deviation from the pre-planned allocation.

First one up was the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Thankfully, it went smoother than expected.

What could be tastier than an AMG E63 / Cobra sndwich?

Truck # 1 was completely loaded and dusted in no time. 3 more to go!

All 4 carriers were filled and completed in the span of two hours. I was impressed with how quickly the GulfRun boys were able to get all these cars onto the trucks in such a short time frame. Practice makes perfect, right?

My apologies if the images aren’t of the greatest quality. I have just recently started practicing photography, so there is still a lot for me to learn. Add the fact that there was insufficient lighting at the loading area, which made it really difficult for me. Here are a few other snaps from the day.

Hope you liked the pics. Bahrain, here we come!

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14 Comments on “GulfRun 7: Load ’em up!”

  1. Hitaff A. Al-Shyji Says:

    no need to appologiZe about the quality of the pics my friend وهل يزيد الظلام القمر إلا نورا؟ 😀

    الله يهنيكم ويجعل دربكم خضر.. ليتنا كنا معكم فنفوز فوزا عظيما D;

  2. The Stig Says:

    These are not low quality!
    these pics are amazing!

  3. id Says:

    Great Shots!!

  4. Dudette Says:

    Love the shots.. See you there 😉

  5. Mathai Says:

    Nice shots man! how bout you post some videos as well so we get some real action? 😀

  6. ALT Says:

    nice pics bro … well done

  7. el wehbi Says:

    @Hitaff A. Al-Shyji: Thanks for the kind words Really nice of you!

    @The Stig: Thanks man, this whole photography gig is really difficult… don’t know how you do it so well

    @id: Thanks buddy, hope to learn from you in the long run

    @Dudette: Thank you! See you there for sure!

    @Mathai: Thanks bud, will work my way up to videos some time in the near future. We’ll see how this pans out first :p

    @ALT: Mashkoor!

    Thanks again to all of you for the support. Really appreciate it!

  8. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Your pictures are good mashallah, especially the 2nd one from the bottom. Great shot. Best of luck; be safe.

  9. qabaq Says:

    Love the SLS shot, this car is nothing without its Gullwings, AKA roadster version

  10. 6are8 Says:

    I’m waiting for you and so is the DRIVER 😉

  11. el wehbi Says:

    @Miss Good Egg: Thank you, glad you liked them!

    @qabaq: Thanks! That shot actually worked the first time I snapped it… didn’t have the best of luck with the others lol

    @6are8: He better be!

  12. 6are8 Says:

    How was the Audi taxi-ride?

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