The Ariel Atom is built in China… no it isn’t!

The Chinese can copy anything. They’re capable of mimicking the tiniest screw to the largest skyscraper. So why not the Ariel Atom? Cue some random Chinese mechanic living in a shed.

Why the Atom? We’ll never know but this guy obviously knew he could pull it off to some degree.

These aren’t the same space tubular frames found on the real Atom. They’re just plain steel bars… somewhat rusty as well.

He manages to build the chassis to resemble the real thing. His choice of seating on the other hand isn’t the right pick.

The engine for this project was sourced from a Suzuki Alto GX600, so it’s a bit pale in the horsepower department.

The use of cheap sheet metal is prevalent throughout the Chinese remake, so don’t expect great power-to-weight figures. That also means that performance isn’t going to be on par with the real Ariel Atom’s 0-100km/h time of approximately 3 seconds. Instead, you’re looking more at the 10-second range.

He may never achieve the real thing, but I’m sure he’s quite satisfied with his replica. If you can call it that!

[Source: Car News China]

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10 Comments on “The Ariel Atom is built in China… no it isn’t!”

  1. SpdLmtNA Says:

    Definitely props, but I wouldnt trust the chassis on that thing at all.

  2. qabaq Says:

    not bad for something done at home and super low cost (or cheap)

  3. id Says:

    Not bad at all Loool, got to love the chinese.

  4. Kuwaity Says:

    Not just a fake Atom, I found in Salmiya two fake T-Rex!

  5. el wehbi Says:

    All I know guys is I would hate to see this particular creation in an accident… God knows how safe those rusty steel beams are lol

  6. 6are8 Says:

    Can’t call it replica! But it’s definitely a cheap-Chinese knock-off 😀

  7. El Jockey Says:

    How come the rims changed for the first pic to the last ?

  8. Mathai Says:

    The Chinese can do anything! 😀
    have you seen the NSX to F50 conversion?

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