Personalized license plates coming to Dubai?

Dubai is known for its flamboyant license plate auctions, where the sales of these plates tend to raise about 70 million dirhams annually! Apparently, the funds raised support transport projects around the emirate.

And because of this craze, which primarily rests with the Emiratis, foreigners are beginning to catch on too. So offering personalized license plates seems like the next step that the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) would like to take. In the U.S., personalized license plates aren’t rare sightings, so why wouldn’t they catch on in Dubai?

The RTA of Dubai is now looking into a system where people could choose the letters and numbers they like. Obviously, there would be restrictions especially when taking into consideration anything with cultural or religious implications. If this is to be implemented, the UAE would become the first GCC member to offer such a service.

[Source: 7Days]

[Image Source: Emirates 24/7]

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4 Comments on “Personalized license plates coming to Dubai?”

  1. qabaq Says:

    love their advancements in such sectors, But i am against the idea of paying and showing off ur 2 digits license plates, which only shows how ignorant u r. Or how rich 😛

  2. Hitaff A. Al-Shyji Says:

    الفال لنا! .. الله يخلف علينا!.. تغييم مثل العالم والناس ضد لاهوب الصيف مو قادرين نسويه من غير مخالفات!
    i just wanna be the Minister of Interior for one day.. just one day bas n i’ll turn K-town to one heck of an Auto Show! 😀

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @qabaq: They definitely are advanced in comparison to us. Just the fact that they have intelligently been investing the money made into infrastructure projets is good enough for me.

    @Hitaff A. Al-Shyji: I like the sound of that… K-town as one big auto show lol

  4. Marzouq Says:

    Thats very progressive of them and I’m curious to see what limitations they put on the customization and/or the approval process they put into production!

    I want to know where all the money we pay for fines go to and how much they are annually, its already on a system so it must be easy to tally up!

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