Woman in Abu Dhabi finds out why seat belts are important in an F1 car… the hard way

At the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, they have 2-seater F1 cars on hand for people to experience the sheer insanity of their V10-powered, 700bhp open-wheel race cars. The cars are capable of hitting 5G of G-force, so being tightly secured in the cockpit is a serious requirement.

Unfortunately for this passenger, the belts weren’t on tight enough. See what happens in the video after the jump.

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7 Comments on “Woman in Abu Dhabi finds out why seat belts are important in an F1 car… the hard way”

  1. 6are8 Says:

    That’s some serious lol action. But on another note that’s so typical of how things are done in the ME even if the individuals responsible for fitting the belts are Western. That was a recipe for disaster.

  2. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I actually laughed at how her helmet kept upheld against that thing in front of her face. On a different note, F1 cars are sure noisy, aren’t they?! Can anyone go? I’d love to try this, looks fast & fun.

  3. Hamoud Says:

    At least you know they use good quality helmets at YAS… LoL !!! Dummies

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @6are8: “lol action” for us, but I would have hated being the one sitting in the back of that car… quite violent haha

    @Miss Good Egg: F1 cars are loud as hell! Visit the Yas Marina Circuit website (link is in the post’s text) and check it out; I believe it’s a pay-and-go service so it should be quite easy.

    @Hamoud: LOL That must have been terrifying at some points for that passenger… yikez!

  5. Mathai Says:

    Ouch! shes lucky she didn’t break her neck. Don’t they have the HANS system for passengers?

  6. qabaq Says:

    I watched it the other day, loool. I cant imagine what was she thinking or feeling when hear head is glued to the front while decelerating


  7. elwehbi Says:

    @Mathai: You would think she would have had one on… guess not!

    @qabaq: She must have thought to herself: “how does he drive if his head is planted in the steering wheel?” lol

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