Not the surprise you’d wish for…

You’re in a race at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi… You’re strapped into the seat of your Renault Clio race car… The race begins… You floor the throttle… You approach the first turn… You make it through… You continue to push the car… Then… Find out what happens in the video after the jump.


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7 Comments on “Not the surprise you’d wish for…”

  1. 6are8 Says:

    What a close call! The driver barely made it out before being engulfed in smoke. To be honest if you watch the video more than once it appears that the driver wasn’t really focused. You can actually see the car stalled in the middle of the track!

  2. Holllllyyyy!!! dude, glad it was easy for the driver to unstrap and get out, or else he would have been a nice meat loaf

  3. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Wow, thank God the door wasn’t jammed :/

  4. Marzouq Says:

    It seems he tried to avoid it but the car just didn’t turn, not enough traction! And it caught on fire way too quickly!

    Lucky he got out!

    The thing I knew exactly where he hit, been there before!

    • bartoes Says:

      its a race, he was at his good speed expecting to follow the track not to make sudden direction changes… quite a massive hit, no time to steer away or brake…. the driver in the LEON hopefully came out ok as well!

  5. ALT Says:

    that was crazy …

  6. SpdLmtNA Says:

    That kinda startled me too. I’m going to watch it again to see if there was any way to see it…

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