Launched! 2013 BMW M6

The wait is finally over! BMW has just released official images of its newest M6 coupé and convertible. Blessed with the same twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine and seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox as the M5, the M6 packs 552bhp and 502lb-ft of torque. That’s equal to 52bhp and 122lb-ft more than the outgoing V10 M6.

All this power means that the new M6 is capable of nailing 0-100km/h times of approximately 4 seconds. To help the car come to a complete halt are optional carbon-ceramic brake discs (with painted gold calipers), which is also the first time BMW offers the option.

The exterior hosts numerous changes with more aggressive intakes aiding the engine with cooling air, flared fenders, a new front grille, M-spec 19-inch wheels, and of course, the M-signature quad exhausts. The most exciting visual piece in my opinion is the new double-bubble CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) roof on the coupé model.

To carry on with weight-saving elements throughout the new M6 models, BMW has also implemented the use of aluminium for the doors and hood, composite plastic front fenders and a glass-fiber composite trunk lid for both models.

The interior has definitely matured in comparison to its predecessor. The application of leather and other high-quality textures looks to be much more refined, as well as the use of a brand new steering wheel design. Both models officially debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show, so expect to hear more about pricing around then.

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10 Comments on “Launched! 2013 BMW M6”

  1. 6are8 Says:

    Aggressively subtle… disappointing is the poor selection of wheel design, which I think has now become somewhat dated.

  2. ALT Says:

    the tin top looks amazing, not sure about the rag top … it just might be the angle of the picture or not !!!

  3. dezrtninja Says:

    its nice, no doubt about it.

    my first impression is that I wouldn’t be disappointed with having one, but id probably rather have the new SL. (and I’m not a hater, iv owned BMW’s and never a Merc)

    The double bubble top is pretty hot too.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @6are8: I agree regarding the wheel design, but I think overall that the car is much better looking than the outgoing M6.

    @ALT: I’m definitely a bigger fan of the “tin top” as well.

    @dezrtninja: I’m going ga-ga for that double-bubble carbon roof. It really adds character to the car’s muscular lines.

  5. El Jockey Says:

    I’m sure its a beast but in terms of looks it nice but not wow. Will have to agree with 6are8 on this one, the new SL looks sweeter

  6. El Jockey Says:

    My bad, I meant agree with dezrtninja

  7. Marzouq Says:

    I was hoping it to be a faster beast and its a little too domesticated for my taste! I like mine more because it looks more aggressive, this just looks too neutered! lol

    Still I like the advances they made and the touch to the roof is very nice!

  8. skoubaissi Says:

    Love it! Grand Coupe M….looking forward to that!

  9. el wehbi Says:

    @El Jockey: I never really compared the 6-Series to the SL, but I guess they are competitors somewhat; one has 2 additional seats (the BMW). I’ll need to see them both in person to make my final judgement.

    @Marzouq: Could yours look more aggressive because of all the after-market bits? 😉 lol

    @skoubaissi: Can’t wait to see the Grand Coupe in M guise either!

  10. Mathai Says:

    I like this version better than the ‘Bangle Butt’ old M6.

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