When less is so much more

Ever thought that you could do much more with a stripped-down car, rather than one that came loaded? Well in Japan, Toyota and Subaru decided to offer just that with their new sport coupes: the 86 and the BRZ, respectively. Their reasoning? Give customers a low-cost option, as well as offering tuners and track enthusiasts a model which they could modify.

No painted door handles and mirror covers to be found here. No fog lights. Plain 16-inch steel wheels. Toyota even takes it a step further on their model (Subaru pictured in this post) with unpainted front and rear bumpers.

No limited-slip rear differential either. Engine remains as-is with the 200hp 2.0-liter boxer engine sitting up front, but don’t expect to find a cover on the engine bay. The interior also gets the ‘delete’ treatment with no air-con, no trim, no floor mats, no stereo, and plasticky material used throughout the cabin. These models are lighter by anywhere between 20kg to 60kg. Lighter is better. Less is more.

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5 Comments on “When less is so much more”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    The first shot looks like a Beemer. It’s not bad looking but I don’t like the interior.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Like a Beemer, really? The beautiful part about the interior is that it’s like a canvas waiting for someone to dress it up lol

  2. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Yeah it looked like a white M6 to me, see: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y70/carltonslr/MW.jpg The interior is seriously ugly lol; someone needs to pimp the ride.

  3. Mathai Says:

    This is perfect for someone who really just wants to spend on performance mods and doesn’t care about luxury.

  4. zdistrict Says:

    Honestly I want to try this car out! I think it would be a lot of fun! So upgradeable!

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