Launched! Lamborghini’s ultimate track slayer: the Aventador J

And then there was one. Literally. An “absolute one-off”. Unveiled in Geneva, the 690bhp 6.5-litre V12 Lamborghini Aventador J is a fully functional road car up for sale (more on that later).

What does the letter ‘J’ represent? It was derived from the FIA’s motorsport rulebook whereby “Appendix J” defines the technical specification of all race cars in the various classes. Is Lamborghini saying that this is the car that encompasses all race cars?

Carbon fiber is extensively used throughout the exterior and interior. The special paint applied to the car consists of a unique red color with a chrome effect. The wheels are also unique to this car, where the center-lock five-spoke wheels have carbon fiber inserts that operate like small fans for brake ventilation. The Aventador J also comes with thinner doors which house a fixed side window.

The roof, windscreen, air-conditioner unit, stereo and navigation system have been removed in favor of lightness. Lamborghini also introduces its innovative and patented carbon fiber fabric called “Carbonskin”, made of woven carbon fibers soaked with an epoxy resin that stabilizes the fiber structure to make it soft.

All this weight-saving means that the car is quicker than a regular Aventador: 0-100km/h in less than 2.9 seconds, with a top speed exceeding 335km/h. And oh does it come at a price. No other prototypes of this car exist, not even one for Lambo’s very own museum. Official word just came out that one very “loyal customer” has already purchased it for €2.1million euros, excluding tax! The sexiest investment plan I’ve ever seen.

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7 Comments on “Launched! Lamborghini’s ultimate track slayer: the Aventador J”

  1. it’s like a car out of a playstation game..

  2. ALT Says:

    that is not a car … that is a weapon … I love it

  3. Mathai Says:

    *jaw drops to floor* :O

  4. El Jockey Says:

    Damn thats SICK

  5. (Drooling).. How I wish I could even touch that kind of car. Even just one touch! tsk.

  6. Hamoud Says:

    Lamborghini you have outdone yourself !!! 😊

  7. zdistrict Says:

    I swear its a Go-Kart on Steroids!

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