Bentley’s SUV concept… not what most expected?

It’s no secret that Bentley have been prepping a super-SUV over the past few years. Lucky for us, they just launched the concept version at this month’s Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately for Bentley, it wasn’t received as well as they’d hoped.

Named the EXP 9 F, Bentley’s concept SUV is powered by the brand’s 6.0 W12 engine. Although that bit of news made people giddy, the fact that the design looked like a Mulsanne on steroids didn’t sit too well with most. People were hoping that Bentley would have developed an SUV less similar to the Audi Q7, and instead developing a signature 4×4 model. After all, it’s a Bentley.

One thing’s for sure, the interior definitely does not disappoint and is exquisite down to the last detail. The quality of the wood alone ensures that this is worthy of the “Winged B” logo. No changes needed in here. No changes wanted in here. For the exterior though, it seems that Bentley has listened to the people and is looking to redesign the car for it’s expected 2015 launch.

What do you think of it?

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14 Comments on “Bentley’s SUV concept… not what most expected?”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Looks like a range rover which I hate.

    • 6are8 Says:

      Range Rover! Do you even know what the Rover looks like?

    • 6are8 Says:


      • Miss Good Egg Says:

        lol well why are you being grumpy about it? It’s just the way I see it. Chill 😛 🙂

      • 6are8 Says:

        Just because the Rover is dubbed “King of the Road” and the Bentley is just a turd. It also seems you don’t like any of the iconic vehicles. First you went of on the timeless work of art, known as the Carrera, now its the Range Rover, there’s nothing else left! But I think I’ve got you figured out now…

  2. 6are8 Says:

    LoL Looks exactly like a London Cab. Although I think the Cab has more charisma.

  3. Mathai Says:

    When the Porsche Cayenne was launched people said it was too ugly and would never sell. A few years later the Cayenne was the top selling Porsche in the Middle East!
    This ugly duckling looks like it might repeat the same story 😉

  4. Hamoud Says:

    The interior alone makes up for the exterior (which I think doesn’t look so bad).
    Let’s not forget the 6.0 V12 under the hood. That’ll probably put out quite a few horses 😉

  5. el wehbi Says:

    @Miss Good Egg: Hmm… Range Rover? Not so sure of that but the last time I disagreed with you, you were able to prove that the new Subaru BRZ looks similar to a BMW 6-Series :p

    @6are8: Harsh lol

    @Mathai: You never know, although I feel the exterior could be a bit more distinct. If I see it in person, I could possibly change my mind.

    @Hamoud: The interior is gorgeous! And you’re right, the V12 under the hood ain’t too shabby either 😉

  6. Miss Good Egg Says:

    el wehbi, it does!! look: &

    I think I know what the problem is. You guys look at the details and I’m looking at the overall shape, hehe. I don’t pretend like I know about cars but I do love ’em which is why I’m here cuz I learn stuff but I really saw a range in there. Why no 1 believeeeeees me :[ lol 😛

  7. geert wynants Says:

    I’ve never seen a car that ugly. They have to schoot the designer who came up with this.
    This is a Bentley grill with an Audi butt.
    Just ugly as hell.


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