Lamborghini SUV coming to life in a few days time?

A while back, I wrote about the possible green-lighting of Lamborghini’s 4-door supercar: the Estoque. I also wrote that the chances of a new Lamborghini SUV coming to life were slim if the Estoque made it into production. But now, according to a very trusted source, it seems quite likely that we could be hearing in the next couple of days that the SUV is back on the table, with a concept model ready to be shared with the public.

This is very exciting news, especially since the Lambo SUV would probably utilize the Gallardo’s delicious 560hp V10 engine, while using loads of carbon fiber to keep the weight down. I do find it strange that Lamborghini wouldn’t have used the Geneva show as the event to launch the new model, but then again, they had the Aventador J to focus on. The only down-side to this piece of news is that – if it were to be true – we can kiss the Estoque goodbye for a while.

If this turns out to be just another rumor, then I’ll have to have a few unkind words with my source. Let’s see what happens!

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7 Comments on “Lamborghini SUV coming to life in a few days time?”

  1. mohi Says:

    The Lamborghini LM was a much cooler SUV

  2. love Lamborghini design..the shape is great..wheels, doors everything…:)

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Mohi: The LM was definitely awesome, but I think that if Lamborghini actually pull through with a new SUV model (car pictured is an independent rendering), it may take us all by surprise.

    @Vrata: Me too!

  4. qabaq Says:

    Most sport cars companies are moving into the 4-doors coupe & SUV territory to generate some cash and hoping to create another Porsche Cayenne success story

  5. Mathai Says:

    This is one sexy SUV 🙂
    But for sheer muscularity the LM kicks ass!

  6. zdistrict Says:

    Your Source Ekhwaara! LoooooL

  7. el wehbi Says:

    @qabaq: It seems like car companies can’t make proper money these days unless they offer something in all segments… except for Ferrari, that is.

    @Mathai: The LM looked like it could shatter brick walls with little or no effort. I doubt anything they would build in this present day would match it.

    @zdistrict: Let’s see what happens 😉 He / she will be punished if he / she is completely off lol

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