2012 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – Abu Dhabi Sport Timings

Excuse the one-day delay… I usually post Grand Prix details and timings the day before race weekend kicks off. But here we are and F1 is back, finally! First up is the Australian Grand Prix and it will be our chance to see who has done their homework over the winter testing period.

F1′s Middle Eastern coverage of the Australian Grand Prix will be broadcast March 16th – 18th on Abu Dhabi Sport for free (HD is a paid service; race w/ English commentary may be viewed on Abu Dhabi Sport 6 HD). Hit the jump for the list of Abu Dhabi Sport coverage timings (GMT+3).

  • Friday Practice (1): Complete
  • Friday Practice (2): Complete
  • Saturday Practice: 6:00 am
  • Saturday Qualifying: 9:00 am
  • Sunday Race: 9:00 am

For the Abu Dhabi Sport 2 satellite frequency, read my previous post HERE.

[Image Source: Formula 1]

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4 Comments on “2012 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – Abu Dhabi Sport Timings”

  1. qabaq Says:

    Thanks for the effort 😉

  2. Mathai Says:

    Hi man, were you at the race yesterday?
    I managed to get a few decent shots before the sandstorm started.

  3. Yaser Mohamad Says:

    Could you please post repeat times as well?

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @qabaq: Totally my pleasure!

    @Mathai: Unfortunately, I did not make it. Heard it was a fun event though.

    @Yaser Mohamad: I will definitely start doing that once I find a reliable source for it. Abu Dhabi Sports does not publish that info as of yet. Stay tuned though!

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