Datsun’s back baby!

Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan chief executive, has confirmed that the Datsun brand is coming back to life. Positioned as a budget car brand, Datsun’s cars will be available in certain territories, such as Indonesia, Russia, and India. Although Indonesia will get the first batch, all three markets will receive cars by 2014.

I highly doubt that Datsun will revive legendary models such as the Z (pictured above) and the Fairlady, but it’s still great to see a car brand loved by many enthusiasts making a comeback. Too bad we won’t be seeing them on our shores any time soon.

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5 Comments on “Datsun’s back baby!”

  1. al6are8 Says:

    That’s awesome! I hope they are all RWD! Show us more pics

  2. Mathai Says:

    Nissan already has an emerging presence in India with models like the Micra and the Sunny. I wonder what segment the Datsun brand will target.

  3. qabaq Says:

    They most likely will sign that brand to be made by a local car manufacturer to make the car using their technology and license,, maybe

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @al6are8: No pics have been presented to the public as of yet. Stay tuned!

    @Mathai: I think the cars which they may label Datsun will be even more affordable than those models; basically, extremely entry-level models.

    @qabaq: Anything’s possible at this point, especially if they want to keep the cars affordable in such markets.

  5. al6are8 Says:

    … just read a WSJ article on this subject. Seems other Japanese manufacturers are resurrecting dead brands/models. Toyota has specifically identified a model from yesteryears the good ol’ AE86, that will be produced once again. If you remember that was a great drifting machine 😉

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