Another one-off Ferrari and it’s for a guitar legend!

Eric Clapton is awesome! Not only because he’s one of the best guitarists to ever live, but because he loves cars. And he particularly loves Ferraris. And that’s why he had the Ferrari Special Projects team, the same bunch that worked on special one-off cars like the P540 Superfast Aperta and the Superamerica 45, design and build this custom Ferrari 458 Italia for him.

Expected to be named the SP12, this unique Ferrari is Clapton’s homage to the 512 Boxer (pictured above). Although some of the design cues from the older model were lost in translation, I think they did a good job of bringing some of the elements to life such as the two-tone paint scheme, the horizontal slats on the front end, and the overall design at the rear. Unfortunately, the 512 Boxer’s flat-V12 engine didn’t make it into Clapton’s car, but I’m guessing he’ll be pretty satisfied with the 458’s wonderful V8.

Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll get some official material from Ferrari in the next few days.

[Image Source: Jalopnik]

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3 Comments on “Another one-off Ferrari and it’s for a guitar legend!”

  1. al6are8 Says:

    Great car and awesome BB. I have the pleasure of seeing the 512BB quite often and just revel in its awesomeness 😀

  2. qabaq Says:

    There is a video of the car rolling out of the dealer

  3. al6are8 Says:

    @qabaq Where?

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