Kuwait looking into “crushing” cars of the speedy

We all know that the GCC has plenty of issues when it comes to speeding. What is Kuwait’s cure to the problem? Crushing the offender’s car! Drivers caught speeding will have their automobiles confiscated, taken to the crusher and then sold as scrap metal. Obviously this wouldn’t be applicable to just any speeding car, but one traveling in excess of 180km/h.

However, speaking to the Kuwait Times newspaper, Colonel Adel Al-Hashash from the Ministry of Interior said that this is a proposal currently at the review stage. It hasn’t even reached parliament as of yet. I guess this could become some sort of a nationwide metal recycling campaign, considering how many people regularly drive at those kind of speeds.

Would the implementation of this law really work?

[Source: Arabian Business]

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6 Comments on “Kuwait looking into “crushing” cars of the speedy”

  1. Hamoud Says:

    A bit extreme !!! But might just be crazy enough to work if implemented right.

  2. qabaq Says:

    I think they should start thinking of the more serious and common issues in Traffic. maybe apply the law for a starter

  3. Khaled Says:

    Crush our cars? They must be joking ..

  4. Bol3ethem Says:

    Dear Adel Al-Hashash,

    Please Provide the “Speedy” with a Kuwaiti AutoBahn first before implementing this law!

    Sincerely, speeding addict ;p

  5. Mathai Says:

    I’m sure Germany has lower car accidents per capita. Speeding is not the issue, driver education and road manners need to be taught to the new generation.

  6. zdistrict Says:

    Apply the law before making new ones! Seriously our law books are filled with very specific laws and they are perfect to apply them but they don’t! Which is annoying! And this one won’t be applied too!

    They keep interpreting the law any way they want!

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