Lamborghini Urus is the name… destroying SUVs is the game

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’d know that more than a month ago I posted about Lamborghini unveiling its concept SUV… posting the news before any other world-renowned site, I might add, thanks to my source. So here it is: the “Urus” (the name, as always, is derived from the world of bulls).

The permanent, all-wheel drive 4×4 system will have no problem of connecting the engine’s 600hp output to the road. It’s also worth nothing that rumors have been circulating that the Urus could rock a forced-induction V8 engine at time of production, contradicting what most would expect since the brand has fantastic V10 and V12 units at its disposal. Size-wise, the Urus concept is 8-inches longer than an Aventador, which is great news for the lucky four passengers who get to cruise around in one.

The exterior is one dramatic affair. Sharp lines, narrowing window panels, a ton of LED lights, 24-inch wheels and four hexagonal exhaust pipes are some of the elements that show that this bull means business.

The interior is finished in carbon fiber reinforced polymer, staying true to Lamborghini’s lightweight design ethos. The center tunnel is a “skeletal” carbon fiber structure made from Forged Composite. The bucket seats are also made from the same material, with the entire interior partially clad in leather-upholstered cushioning. No unnecessary weight wanted here.

The dual-clutch transmission’s shift paddles are mounted behind the steering wheel. Primary functions such as indicators, lights and windshield wipers are incorporated into the steering wheel and the center console. Secondary functions like the entertainment system, navigation and climate control are operated via a touchscreen housed in the center tunnel.

The Middle East has been designated by Lamborghini as one of the primary target markets for the Urus. That’s great news because that means we should be seeing quite a few of them on the road once they arrive. The Urus is only a concept model at this point, but production should kick off sometime in 2015. Pricing would probably be around the $200,000 mark, with 3,000 units produced annually.

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9 Comments on “Lamborghini Urus is the name… destroying SUVs is the game”

  1. Hamoud Says:

    LoooL !!! My wife says it looks like the BMW X6 and Infinity FX “Love (mistake) Child” 😄

  2. Hamoud Says:

    On the exterior anyway 😄 LoooL !!!

  3. Mathai Says:

    Glad VW didn’t dig into their parts bin to make this SUV. I think it has styling hints of the LR Evoque from some angles.

  4. Th Says:

    X6 + Evoque + A bit of Cayenne on the front???…Still looks good!

  5. The Stig Says:

    I wonder why they wanna make an SUV! :/

  6. qabaq Says:

    hot design, though Lambo’s CEO said its just a concept so far.

    but i think they will build the car

  7. Miss Good Egg Says:

    It looks evil! The chair concepts don’t look comfy though.

    @Th I don’t really suggest you bring up the Cayenne. Some serious Porsche advocates lurk in the background. I got grilled last time I attempted to do that.

  8. el wehbi Says:

    @Hamoud: LOL

    @Mathai: I’m glad as well

    @Th: Good eye!

    @The Stig: It’s all about the money!

    @qabaq: Definitely still a concept, but it’s headed for production (as mentioned in the post) some time around 2015

    @Miss Good Egg: The term “comfy” and Lamborghini don’t ever really go together lol… but I hear ya about those Porsche advocates haha

  9. zdistrict Says:

    Thats a sexy thang!

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