Neglected Ferrari Enzo in Dubai doesn’t make the auction block

A few days ago, I posted news on the world’s most expensive police sale in Dubai. It was so extravagant that the car auction even had a Ferrari Enzo on the chopping block. BUT now… the Dubai Police say the car was seized as evidence in a crime, meaning it was not allowed to be auctioned. It turns out that Interpol requires that the Enzo, as well as one other Ferrari from the sale, be held as evidence until the case has been solved.

I guess the poor Enzo has to deal with another long stint under the sun, covered in dust. Sad face.

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3 Comments on “Neglected Ferrari Enzo in Dubai doesn’t make the auction block”

  1. Hamoud Says:

    Seriously !!! Where’s the Interpol been all this time the Enzo was dumped out in the sun ?!?! LoL !!!

  2. skoubaissi Says:

    I thought you were selected or invited to buy an Enzo……who the hell is the moron that lost it all that and his Enzo? You think its depreciated some? LOL

    • el wehbi Says:

      I wish LOL Still would have been a tease though because it would have sold for a pretty penny, even at a police auction.

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