BMW confirm the inline-6 engine for the new M3

It’s official! BMW North America have confirmed the use of an inline-six engine for the next M3. It was speculated that a V6 (V-configuration) was going to be used, one possibly downsized from the current M3’s V8 unit but that no longer is the case. To ensure the new inline-six isn’t a slouch, it is expected that it will receive forced induction in the form of two or even three turbos.

Regarding the transmission, a dual-clutch unit is expected with no clear word if a manual gearbox will see production. Let’s hope they consider a self-shifter as well!

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5 Comments on “BMW confirm the inline-6 engine for the new M3”

  1. mj7 Says:

    disappointed 😦

  2. skoubaissi Says:

    Horsepower?Torque? That’s what counts……BMW M always comes thru!

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @mj7: Why the disappointment? I’m sure once they throw in the turbochargers, the car will have more power than the current M3. To be honest, I’m actually quite relieved that BMW chose to go with an in-line 6 cylinder engine and not a V-configuration. Their inline-6’s are second-to-none and the M3 deserves the best.

    @skoubaissi: No figures as of yet, but I would imagine that the numbers will at least have to match the current M3 in the horsepower department (414bhp) and show an increase in torque (currently 295 lb-ft). For the latter, the turbos will definitely help solve that issue.

  4. zdistrict Says:

    I live Big V engines! I don’t like that they are going smaller!

  5. al6are8 Says:

    It’s not the size of your machine, it’s how you use, no pun intended!

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