UAE classic cars to get unique number plates

A licensing service for classic cars older than 30 years has launched in the UAE. The Licensing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, in collaboration with the UAE Automobile and Touring Club, will hold its first auction on the 14th of June, giving classic car owners the opportunity to bid on unique license plate numbers. There will also be plates available via direct sale.

As per the regulations, the cars must 30 years or older, all the parts must be original and the vehicles must pass a technical inspection. There will be six categories: Class A cars will be free to run on all roads up to a distance of 10,000km a year. Class B vehicles will be allowed on all roads but must adhere to a maximum of 5,000km traveled a year. Class C will be allowed on highways only. Class F will only be allowed as display vehicles.

Cars manufactured between 1950 and 1980 will be classified under Class A. Pre-1950 cars will receive Class B classification. Cars with wooden wheels will fall under Category C, E or F.

There are said to be approximately 3,000 classic cars in the UAE, with growth in the market expected to have risen by 20 percent in recent times.

[Source: Emirates 24/7]

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3 Comments on “UAE classic cars to get unique number plates”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I fell in love with the two cars above. All that’s missing are the side squeezable horns and they’d go *6a6oo-6a6oo*.

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