Uday Hussein’s Ferrari F40 spotted again

Till death did them part. The son of former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, apparently had a decently-sized car collection while he was alive. But after the U.S. dethroned his papa and had him killed, his cars were obviously left behind. One particular car is a Ferrari F40 (pictured above). The car was apparently sent to a garage for work but never picked up.

Some of the other cars in Uday’s collection were a Lamborghini LM002, a Ferrari Testarossa and numerous Porsches.

[Source: trlux via GT Spirit]

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3 Comments on “Uday Hussein’s Ferrari F40 spotted again”

  1. The Stig Says:

    Lucky dude!

    Jahannam though :p

  2. Mathai Says:

    I watched ‘The Devil’s Double’ recently and realized that this guy was a real madman!

  3. Hamoud Says:

    I guess even dicKtators like their cars 😜

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