Calling all virtual racing freaks… RaceRoom Kuwait has arrived!

I was invited by RaceRoom Kuwait yesterday to experience their racing simulator setup at Baroue, Avenues Mall. What is RaceRoom Kuwait? The name says it all.

It’s literally a room with six PC-based racing simulators, giving each driver the chance to challenge one another. We were a total of six drivers and were given the opportunity to compete in two races, along with their respective qualifying sessions.

You might think a simulator is just an arcade game, but it’s not! My heart was beating super fast and according to bystanders, all the drivers were completely focused in a world of their own. The driving dynamics are second-to-none, that’s why these simulators are PC-based as they require a large amount of processing power.

To play, you sign in at the front kiosk and you are then handed a card which saves your profile (as stated on the screen). When the simulator prompts you to provide your card, follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

After each race, there is a screen used for playback. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to see the track action, in which they were involved, from different angles and views.

RaceRoom Kuwait has the capability to accomodate corporate and group tournaments, for those that are interested. We were also informed that a 3-week championship was taking place in two weeks time, with only the first 24 registered users getting the chance to take part in it. I signed up so let’s hope I’m capable of getting anywhere near the top of that podium.

Check out RaceRoom Kuwait at Baroue, Avenues Mall; follow them on Twitter @RaceRoomKuwait.

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5 Comments on “Calling all virtual racing freaks… RaceRoom Kuwait has arrived!”

  1. Thank you for the great review. We are very glad of your visit and hope you the best of luck in the upcoming competition.

    For all details and updates on upcoming events and competitions, please like our facebook page, and follow us on twitter and instagram:
    Twitter: @raceroomkuwait
    Instagram: @raceroomkuwait

  2. qabaq Says:

    never knew they were at the avenues

    thanks for the review

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @RaceRoom Kuwait: Thanks again for a fun time. Looking forward to the competition!

    @al6are8: You definitely need to check it out!

    @qabaq: Your welcome! Visit Baroue, 2nd floor, and check out RaceRoom.

  4. Matt Says:

    Good luck with (edited) Race Room Kuwait

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