Video: F1’s “Supremo”

In honor of a fantastic F1 race at Spa yesterday, I thought I would post something related to the sport. It’s not a racing video. It’s not a documentary about the glitz and glamor of it all. It’s about F1’s puppet master. The supremo, as he has become known. Bernie Ecclestone. This video is quite interesting as it provides insight into the aggressive man’s world and his takeover of F1. It’s really an extraordinary story if you ask me. Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Youtube]

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4 Comments on “Video: F1’s “Supremo””

  1. Hamoud Says:

    Damn that was a good documentary !!!! Made me wanna go find a (more detailed) biography about the man

    • el wehbi Says:

      My favorite part is when they highlight his first takeover of the motorcycle / automobile business, slowly pushing out the owner. The guy is intense!

  2. Mathai Says:

    That’s Bernie, some love him to bits and others want him dead 😀

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