China get a special Lamborghini Gallardo… and it’s pricey!

As the current Lamborghini Gallardo’s era comes to an end, the Italian manufacturer is looking to capitalize on the final production run with limited edition models. And if there’s a market that is hungry for high-priced exotic machinery, it’s definitely China. Hence, the birth of this very limited edition Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata.

Strictly for the Chinese market, the rear-wheel drive GZ8’s name represents the city of Guangzou, while the number 8 indicates the amount of cars set for production. The Limitata comes with special black and orange striping on its sides, a set of orange wheels, a matte engine cover and the same glossy black roof used on the Super Trofeo Stradale Edition.

As with many other special Lambos, the GZ8 is draped in carbon fiber. The material is applied generously to the exterior on the rearview mirrors, side skirts and rear wing.

Like the exterior, the GZ8 moniker is branded on the headrests. The contrasting black and white theme is used everywhere, predominantly on the seats which come with Q-Citura stitching.

So how much for this piece of Lamborghini rarity? Approximately $600,000 US dollars! Is this madness, or is it a case of ‘build it and they will buy’?

[Source: GT Spirit]

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2 Comments on “China get a special Lamborghini Gallardo… and it’s pricey!”

  1. 2SecondClub Says:

    Damn, 600 !!!! you can get a used Bugatti for that lol

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