Porsche give the Panamera a ‘shooting brake’ twist

Leaked ahead of its official launch at the Paris Motor Show, these images prove rumors stating Porsche were developing a shooting brake concept were true. And the Panamera body-style is the one to benefit from these design tweaks.

Called the Panamera Sport Turismo, the concept car is expected to utilize a hybrid system. I would guess that the system could be the same one used in the 918 Spyder, but nothing’s official as of yet.

Industry experts weren’t sure if Porsche were working on a shooting brake concept or a successor to the legendary 928, but it now seems like the latter was never in the plans.

We’ll hopefully get more details on the car once it’s officially unveiled in Paris.

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8 Comments on “Porsche give the Panamera a ‘shooting brake’ twist”

  1. Cherished Autonomy Says:

    A little off topic but do u know how much is the price range for the Panamera in Kuwait?

    • khabah Says:

      Depends on which Panamera you’re after; the base, rear-wheel drive V6 models starts at 30100 KD before options and the price shoots up to 66600 KD for the twin-turbo Turbo S. Being Porsches however, they come stripped of options and the price skyrockets as you start adding them on. I customized a loaded base Panamera for over 40000 KD!

  2. May I kindly ask what’s a shooting brake concept?

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Cherished Autonomy: They start in the KD30,000 range (approx. $108,000 US), but I know that after discounts, you can easily shave close to KD2,000 (approx. $7,500 US) off the price. Quite pricey when compared to significantly larger markets like the US. On the high side, they can easily hit the KD50,000 mark (approx. $180,000 US) depending on the model (i.e. Turbo, Turbo S, etc.) and options chosen.

    @2 Second Club: The term “shooting brake” is most commonly used in modern times when describing a car that has 2-doors and a sleek wagon-like backend with a sporty character. Although, Mercedes recently used it with their new CLS Shooting Brake (skim through the older posts and you’ll find it) even though the car has 4-doors. The reason they used the term was because they technically classify the CLS as a 4-door coupe. The similar concept of a 4-door “shooting brake” is applied with this Porsche concept. Hope that was helpful.

    • Yes.. Thanks so much!!

    • khabah Says:

      @el wehbi: In my experience, trying to squeeze a discount out of the Kuwait dealer is painful because they don’t budge. Example: the Cayenne V6 sells like hotcakes, but the salesmen were instructed from top-level management to not give over 500 KD off any sale of the car regardless of the build specification. 500 KD off a car that begins at 20400 KD? Seems a bit paltry to me. Besides, our dealer has the highest base prices in the Gulf area; lots of people I know buy their cars in Qatar or the UAE and then bring them back here to save a few thousand KD.

      On a side note, this Panamera concept is GORGEOUS. I’ve never been partial to shooting brakes/wagons/avants/estates/whatever, but this looks phenomenal, puts the current Panamera to shame [although I love the current car] and makes me want one. Apparently, some of the design elements here will make it to the Panamera facelift due sometime in the next six-nine months [i.e. the sharpened air intakes, the smoothed-out headlight modules and 991-style light bar LEDs for the taillights] while other details will carry over to the next-generation Panamera and Porsche models [such as the touchscreen panel on the center console; that’ll be previewed on the production 918 Spyder and then trickle down to the rest of the Porsche line the same way the Carrera GT interior influenced the current Porsche interior concept].

      Let me know what you think!

      • el wehbi Says:

        I agree, tough to squeeze a discount out of the Kuwaiti dealer, but usually easier when you are paying in the KD30,000 range. They generously mark up at that price point.

        In regards to the shooting brake concept, I think you’re spot on. There are many design elements which will trickle down to the Panamera 4-door (all great predictions you’ve made there). I totally believe this car is destined for production so we should expect to see it on our streets in the near future.

  4. Anette Says:

    This car looks so impressive and stunning. The design is better than the hatchback style. I love this car.

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