How Lewis Hamilton quickly went from “hero” to “zero”

Now that Lewis is moving to the Mercedes F1 team next season, it’s understandable that he’ll be feeling a bit insecure within McLaren F1. These next few months could be the loneliest ever for Hamilton. And it’s only going to get lonelier after these few tweets he recently posted on Twitter. As you can read from the one above, Lewis was shocked to find that Button had “unfollowed” him.

As Lewis explains they are still teammates (no mention of friends there which is a bit interesting to me). How could Button do such a thing?

Lewis managed to look like an absolute idiot in the matter of a few minutes. It turns out Button never followed him to begin with. What’s wrong with this kid? He’s made a complete mess of things this season. Especially when he posted comparative, and extremely confidential, team telemetry on Twitter. Button was furious about that, as he should have been because it showed detailed data which competitors could have used to their advantage. The relationship basically went down hill from there. And now this?

Oh Lewis, you really need to get your head out of your…

Side note: read some of the comments lol

[Source: Twitter]

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One Comment on “How Lewis Hamilton quickly went from “hero” to “zero””

  1. El Jockey Says:

    Lewis Hamilton = Best driver in F1 but obviously not the smartest 🙂

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