Launched! 2013 Maserati Quattroporte

It always concerned me that Maserati would have a hard time maintaining the Quattroporte’s unique flowing-lines design with its new model. After seeing these pre-launch images, guess it’s safe to say the Italian luxo-brand pulled it off.

The new Maser looks a bit longer than its predecessor, with a steeply raked front windshield which embodies the brand’s sporty heritage.

Whereas the front fascia and lights look more aggressive and sharper, the same cannot be said for the rear end. It resembles what most other carmakers are doing these days and I can confidently say that the older model’s rear design was much more unique. As for power, nothing yet; however, most are wondering if the license plate used in the image above is trying to tell us something.

The interior is straightforward with a massive digital entertainment unit placed in the center. It’s safe to say that the Italians will have a ton of leather and suede options to choose from to add character to the place which the driver will call “home”.

Not many details have been released as of now, but we expect to find out a lot more when the car debuts at the Detroit Motor Show.

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2 Comments on “Launched! 2013 Maserati Quattroporte”

  1. khabah Says:

    Although I find the front to be very Infiniti-inspired [especially those angular lights] and the Audi/Hyundai rear to be downright disappointing, I like this – it manages to maintain the overall feel of the old car while taking it forward into a new generation. The interior is definitely a step up from the last Quattroporte, but something about all the light/window switchgear being pulled from the Chrysler 300 doesn’t sit right with me…

    • el wehbi Says:

      I think you nailed it with the Chrysler 300 comment. This whole concept of parts-sharing has caused numerous identity crises in many cars. Overall, I like the new Quattroporte. My only disappointment lies with the taillights. The older model’s were definitely more original looking.

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