Leakage galore! C7 Corvette all drawn up


With three weeks left until the C7 Corvette’s much-anticipated unveiling, it was inevitable that there would be a few additional leaks on the internet. These particular drawings are apparently from some service guide, according to the forum on which they were found.


The drawings detail the C7’s exterior, interior and engine bay.






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2 Comments on “Leakage galore! C7 Corvette all drawn up”

  1. khabah Says:

    FAR from impressed from these drawings: the profile bears too strong a resemblance to the current car to be different, the back has too much Camaro influence and the interior looks like a dumbed-down, chintzy/lazy Americanized take on the Audi R8’s. I hope they improved their use of materials; the hard plastics and cheap vinyls in the current ‘Vette and Camaro are downright ghastly.

    I can only hope the real car looks more dramatic; the Corvette name has a lot resting on its shoulders and I’m seriously doubting Chevy’s new design direction after the 2014 Silverado debacle.

    • el wehbi Says:

      The similarities between the Camaro and the C7’s rear end are blatant. Still, I don’t want to judge based on these sketches. Corvettes tend to look so much better in pictures and in person. According to previous teasers, the C7’s interior is supposed to have been heavily upgraded with higher quality materials, carbon fiber, etc.

      Let’s see what happens!

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