Beirut’s “W Motors” will have its dreams realized in 2013


Months ago, I wrote about an ambitious plan set out by W Motors, a Beirut-based company, to tackle the world of exclusive supercars. Many were suspicious of their ability to actually make it a reality, but my reason for not jumping onto that bandwagon was due to the list of credible partners they had on board for the project. Companies like RUF Automobile, Studiotorino and Magna Steyr Italia – to name a few – are not small fish. If the project had the funds behind it, I believed it could survive.


Now, it looks like W Motors are set to launch the LykanHypersport on the 29th of January at the Qatar Motor Show. If the images shown here even slightly resemble the real car, then W Motors could have a hit on their hands.


Numbers being thrown around at this point in time are 750hp and 737lb-ft of torque generated from a mid-mounted twin-turbo flat-six engine, capable of reaching 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 390km/h.


But can they justify the price? Ready for this? I know there will only be seven units built, but please sit down… $3.4 million dollars.

[Source: CarBuzz]

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2 Comments on “Beirut’s “W Motors” will have its dreams realized in 2013”

  1. skoubaissi Says:

    Here we come….but $3-$4 million really?!

    • el wehbi Says:

      I guess that’s the price you pay for exclusivity… along with the “diamond-encrusted LED taillights” and real gold stitching. But for me, I’d take a Henessey Venom GT and save the other $2 million.

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