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GulfRun 8 – Done and dusted!

March 6, 2013


January 2013 saw another successful GulfRun event come to a close. The event has developed into a fan favorite, linking up man vs. machine at the Bahrain International Circuit annually. Hit the jump to watch a recap of this year’s GulfRun 8 event. (more…)


GulfRun 8 Schedule of Events

January 10, 2013


Like I said before, January is mostly GulfRun month here on Brake Banzeen! I received an email recently with the schedule of events over the coming weeks until GulfRun 8 kicks off in Bahrain on the 23rd of January. I also received the compilation video of the 24 Hour Karting Endurance Race which they hosted in December. Get the GulfRun 8 details and watch the karting video after the jump. (more…)

Video: GulfRun is back!

January 2, 2013


It’s January and that can only mean one thing: GulfRun 8 is nearing! As always, I’m expecting to see plenty of high-horsepower machinery battling it out at the Bahrain International Circuit, possibly take a few passenger rides myself. Check out the promo video after the jump. (more…)

GulfRun hosts its 2nd Karting Endurance Race

December 16, 2012


Having been a part of last year’s race, I was really excited to go out and see what the GulfRun boys had cooking for the 2012 installation of the Karting Endurance Race.


The race kicked off with some quick position changes… exactly what was needed to set the (more…)

GulfRun 7: It’s a wrap!

January 31, 2012

It came and went by so fast! With the blink of an eye, GulfRun 7 is now past us and let me tell you: this was their best yet. A few minor tweaks changed everything for me, someone who has been attending the event consecutively for the last few years.

What was the major tweak that hit home? The fact that we were based in the GP pit garages (same ones utilized by Formula One) gave a sense of seriousness and maturity to the event.

The GP pits are a lot more spacious, in comparison to the other pit area. And best of all: they’re spitting distance from the long straight near the Start / Finish line. When any car rolls by at full throttle, you not only hear it, you (more…)

GulfRun 7: Load ’em up!

January 22, 2012

As GulfRun 7 kicks off this weekend in Bahrain (January 26th – 27th), there was only one thing left to do: load up the cars and have them sent to the Bahrain International Circuit!

By no means is it easy to organize such an event. For one thing, there is all the pre-planning, securing of the participants, getting all the paperwork ready for transporting the vehicles to Bahrain via Saudi Arabia, let alone dealing with a lot of ‘antsy’ drivers and a lot of horsepower.

Prior to loading up the cars, the drivers were instructed to meet up at Tilal Complex where they were briefed on the driving route to the  (more…)

GulfRun 7 Car Show @ 360 Mall

January 13, 2012

I stopped by a crowded 360 Mall today to check out some of the rides participating in this year’s GulfRun event: numero 7.

Inside, the GulfRun boys set up two large stands with some wonderful cars on display. In the pic above we have a red Audi R8 GT (supplied by Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Co.), a silver Ford GT and a white McLaren SLR 722.

A few track cars were also on hand inside the mall with the Ariel Atom and the (more…)