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Audi re-inventing the “showroom”?

July 16, 2012

Over the past few years, the folks at Audi have been aggressively innovating new ideas to help spread their brand across the globe. Their latest concept is Audi City, a digital showroom where potential buyers can spec any Audi model and then view it on a 1:1 scale. Customers can also use the technology to zoom in on individual parts of the car, explaining highlighted items in more detail.

Audi are obviously not looking to replace the traditional dealership setup, but it’s a clever way of (more…)


BMW joining Porsche in fight to save manual transmissions?

June 7, 2012

This bit of news brought a massive smile to my face. The death of the manual transmission was nearing until Porsche came in with its 7-speed self-shifter. According to reports, it seems like BMW is soon to follow suit. It’s no secret that manual gearboxes aren’t as efficient as automatics. And since we live in these trying economic times, the auto definitely has the upper hand.

To many enthusiasts, the manual is just as crucial to the driving experience as the steering wheel. And hopefully, BMW is recognizing its significance with its latest filed patent. The Munich firm’s application highlights two potential systems: (more…)

Would Apple really produce this for cars?

May 21, 2012

According to reports, Apple have recently been granted a patent for a mountable steering wheel remote control. The device looks to have been taken directly from the older iPod, having the ability to control Apple products in a car.

I don’t know if I’m a fan of the design, as I believe it’s a bit clumsy looking when mounted. Plus, considering Apple is (more…)

Bridgestone’s puncture-proof idea

December 10, 2011

Imagine a tire needing little maintenance… no need to refill air or check for leaks. Bridgestone, the Japanese tire company, has conceptualized a new design that’s “puncture-proof”. It’s non-pneumatic, meaning it does not rely on air pressure at all. Instead, it relys on a structure of spokes for its rigidity and cushioning.

The structure within the tire is made from reusable thermoplastic resin. Along with the rubber used in the tread, the whole tire is (more…)

Now a 10-speed transmission???

October 4, 2011

Hyundai’s responsible for this one people. According to a report, the Korean automaker is hard at work on a 10-speed automatic transmission. We’ve recently witnessed 6-speed automatics applied as the standard throughout most vehicles, 7-speed manuals coming to life, 8-speeds used in more luxurious cars, 9-speeds being developed by ZF and now 10?? What’s the benefit of tacking on more forward-driven gears? (more…)

The manual lives on… Corvette to sport a 7-speed?

September 27, 2011

I hope it’s true! I’ve already thrown so much praise at Porsche for doing it, and I’ll send more love to Chevrolet for doing the same with the next-gen Corvette (C7). Reports are coming out that the C7 will be available with a 7-speed manual gearbox mated to a V8; no turbos mentioned as of yet.

The 7-speed will follow the Porsche model by using the 7th gear as an overdrive. The benefit is that (more…)

BMW developing headlights that go “PewPew”

September 12, 2011

If you don’t know what PewPew is, then head to your digital app store and download it cause it’s good. Why is it called PewPew? Think of the sound when laser guns are fired in sci-fi movies: “PewPew”. So what does the game have to do with BMW? Nothing really. But laser beams could have a lot to do with the automaker in the near future.

BMW is currently developing laser headlight technology which is more efficient and powerful than any other form of lighting. As many of its competitors are focusing their efforts on LEDs, BMW has instead (more…)