Launched! Pagani Huayra (for real this time)

After seven years in the making, the new Pagani Huayra has arrived! It’s also (thankfully) quite beautiful when looked at as a whole! The Huayra, meaning ‘god of wind’, is graced with elegant curves and tons of aerodynamic wizardry.

The Huayra’s rear wheels are powered by a mid-mounted bi-turbo AMG 6.0-liter Mercedes V12 engine. In standard guise, the engine will pump out 700bhp and 664lb-ft of torque, while an even more powerful Sport version will pump out 730bhp and 811lb-ft. The Zonda’s successor should easily prove Pagani’s claim of 0-100km/h acceleration times in the 3.3 seconds range with a top speed of 370km/h.

The Huayra’s engine is mated to a XTRAC-built 7-speed gearbox, firing off each shift with a tug of the paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. Ride height is adjustable, not only for clearing surfaces, but also to manage airflow under the car at high speeds.

Also managing airflow are four moveable aerodynamic flaps, one positioned at each end of the car (above). These independent and automatic electric powered flaps have 30 degree lift angles, while the rear flaps have 40 degree lift angles. With the Huayra, Pagani claims that the overall body is designed to act like an aircraft wing, changing shape when needed to manage the air flowing over the car.

It’s also the first time a Pagani is homologated for the US market, with the Italian brand meeting strict guidelines and safety requirements. The seats utilize sensors which calculate the force required for the multi-stage airbags, in compliance with US standards.

The body is made from carbon fiber, as well as those sexy gullwing doors. The car’s tub is made from carbon-titanium, where the titanium allows the material to flex in case of an accident (carbon fiber would shatter).

Pagani has designed the interior to be more user-friendly and comfortable for long road trips, showing that this car is definitely the more sophisticated sibling of the Zonda. How sophisticated? One million euros worth.

[Source: Autocar]

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